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Jan 9, 2012
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Hi everyone,

Recently I have purchased my first DSLR, Canon T2i with 18-55 IS II.

I am very new to photography and wish to get better. Here are some pictures I took with my cats and I hope you guys can give me some comments.



Rizon929, on Flickr


BorBor by Rizon929, on Flickr


MoMo by Rizon929, on Flickr
The pictures are sharp enough but the background, especially in 2&3 are very distracting.

I would suggest reading up on composition and the rule of thirds. A google search will bring up a tonne of reading material on beginning photography to get you started.
Nice snapshots, but, as has been noted, your backgrounds are killing you. As Bo4key has noted you really need to do some research on composition. I would encourage you to surf the web, but you could start with - Advanced Composition -- Part I - there are two following web sites with the links at the end of the site. As well, have a look at this one - PhotographyComposition Articles Library as there are a number of links to sites on composition. There are a number of books that have been written on composition - you might want to look at one by Bryan Peterson called Learning to See Creatively - Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color& Composition in Photography (Updated Edition) (9780817441814): BryanPeterson: Books. There are lots of others.HTH.


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Or at least clean up before showing the world the living space. ;)
Thanks guys... Very good idea Diver_matt!!! I was just so excited when I got my camera...
Congrats... This is a fun field. Here is the best piece of advise... Don't ask for advise.

Pick up your camera and shoot everything and then when you are done shoot more. In a month come back and ask and see where you are then.
Take more control of your composition.
I'd say take more control of your exposure as well. Learn to use your camera to its abilities :) And, as noted, composition - the heart of the photo. I keep going back to the eyes in #1 - those are very nice! And you've been lucky with your lamp - it has made a very appealing catch light in the eyes - an entry to the soul and personality!

Don't delete them, they're snaps of your cats. You'll be glad you have them, one day. I wish I took more snaps!

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