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Mar 28, 2012
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#3 isn't too bad (maybe a little bright on the back).. but the others, the baby is floating in darkness, and there are some distracting DOF issues on #1.
number 1 and two the hand are positioned a little awkward. Try praying hands under a cheek this might help. She is also sinking too far into 1&2 as well.....what are you using to prop her on? Also her face needs to be turned toward the camera more on this one as well. three is my favourite
just a bean bag... any suggestions as for what to use to position... it was an issue the whole session :(
I think white furry or white shear fabrics, or other light-colored furs, throws, or blankets look more infant-like than black does. Black seems rather severe, and the infant does sort of seem to "float" in the blackness, with no real visual anchor point. Your skin tones on the first two look very realistic to me, while the third one's a bit hot on the back.

cgipson1 brought up what he referred to as DOF issues in #1...I dunno....yes, the feet are out of focus, but that doesn't bother me a whole lot. But some people really do not like that wide-aperture look on baby portraits, and like to see all parts of the body in sharp focus. So, I suppose that could go either way.
just a bean bag... any suggestions as for what to use to position... it was an issue the whole session :(

I use a beanbag too but you MUST over stuff it until you can't stuff it any longer....then use towels/receiving blankets and shove them underneath to prop head and bum higher depending on what you need....I have mentored with a newborn photographer that has some great videos if you would like her link....I did a workshop but practice does make perfect! ♥ I also think your DOF is not your issue it is composition before anything else......composition/positioning is EVERYTHING in newborn photography........please feel free to ask any other questions :) I would be happy to help if I can
thanks so much corriemichael... :) I would love the link and I am sure I will have a bunch of questions. I had so many images from this session not turn out because of positioning and composition... I was so bummed I didn't realize how terrible some of them looked until it was too late.
4$IMG_8912.jpg baby sinking... no legs

5$IMG_9004.jpgbad angle and positioning

6$IMG_8977.jpg silly pose lol
It is a fine art........I do not necessarily have a niche to speak of I just love it all but really love newborns and had some issues as well. You can buy bean bag fill at walmart and stretchy material work best for bean bag drops.....I like shooting wide open on a good day but love shooting that way on a newborn......def utilize towels, anything really like that where you can stuff underneath esp head and bum........move around change your angles you will get to find you like certain angles the best :) Again any time you need any help please go ahead and ask away. Here are some from a recent session. Keep practicing....this is on a beanbag as well but VERY over stuffed! $IMG_6403lighteuph.jpg$IMG_6419lighteuph.jpg$IMG_6446lighteuph.jpg$IMG_6457lighteuphbwchoc.jpg

Newborn Posing Guides and Videos
those are fantastic... thank you so much... :)
those are fantastic... thank you so much... :)

Do you see the link I posted at the bottom? Newborn posing guides and videos? :) Want to make sure you don't miss it :)
Yes! And I also ordered 3.5 cubic feet of filler for my bean bag this morning :) I appreciate the suggestions.

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