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May 25, 2011
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So I've been busy working in and out of my studio this summer. I love my studio but I love the natural lighting I get outside. So I've been trying to mimic my studio lighting so that it appears more natural and, well, less studio. lol Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, this is my first attempt. What do you think?

iI love it! maybe would like to see less blurred face of the baby. nice work :)
i dislike that angle. you have OOF face and OOF feet with some in focus hands in the middle.
no EXIF data, but i would venture a guess that you were shooting wide open or close.
if this was done in a studio, you should have plenty of lighting. no reason not to stop that lens down and bring baby in focus. you can still get the baby in focus AND blur the background if you get your DOF right. the OOF head in this shot is just distracting. I would chalk this one up to a learning experience. stop the lens down just enough to get the baby in focus, step a foot or so over camera left, and reshoot.

Lighting wise, I think this one is fine. it does look like the lighting might be just a tad hot on the right side, but with all the OOF, its hard to tell. easy enough to fix though since its not blown.
The background looks very odd. I suppose it's a greyish knit blanket or something, but OOF it looks like we're seeing a naked baby on a pile of freshly dug earth. I like the light, although it is certainly borderline too hot. I don't like anything else ;)
Thanks for the feedback! The baby was on a greyish knit blanket. I never shoot wide open, but I believe I was pretty close!

I was walking around baby trying to get different angles, and playing with the light. I do like that the hands are in focus and the focal point, but I also agree that the DOF was way to shallow.

It makes better sense in the set of pictures that I did, highlighting different baby features and then also the entire baby. I should have presented it as a set, but anyway, I like the lighting! lol
I think the lighting is quite good. What was your setup? I have just done some newborn shoots using window light, but need to learn to shoot with my softboxes for when I go on location and have little to no decent window light.

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