Night Shot, C&C pls.


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Mar 12, 2013
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Bought a tripod and felt like testing it out. I am quite happy with this shot, would appreciate your comments. $Porte de Bombes final small.jpg
I like it! I've just today borrowed a tripod and must try this out myself.

All I would suggest is perhaps less road and more night sky. The reflected light is nice, but the road takes up too much of the shot for me.
thanks for your comments, I appreciate your feedback. I was focusing on getting some nice light trails from passing vehicles whilst using the monument as a backdrop. Traffic passes through the monument and to the left of it. As luck would have it there wasn't much traffic that night. It took some patience but finally a bus passed left of the monument and a car went through at the same time. The bus gave a really good effect.

I'm standing as close as I could safely be to the road. If I took out some of the road from the shot i would lose the effect of the light trails. I'm not sure which would be better.:scratch:
Highlights are a bit blown, I'd use a little less exposure time in future, or stop down a trifle. Not a bad composition for a first try!

This sort of thing is a bit overdone, but it's overdone because people like it, so there's that.
nice. I'd just mess with the WB a bit though, and like rick said less road.

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