Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 Instructions


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Aug 21, 2007
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Good evening,

I just picked up a demo 18-70mm Nikkor from Adorama but it didn't come with the small information sheet that's usually included with the lens.

Anybody know where I could find it online? I did a few searches but came up empty handed.

I'm assuming you have one from another lens?
If it's anything like what I get with Canon's useless...
If you want the info that's on it...just google what you want to find out.

Good luck.
There's nothing to it. It zooms in and zooms out. The focus mode is determined by the camera, and there's a lens AF override switch that actively disables the internal focus motor. So if the switch is in MF then no matter how you set your camera you can't autofocus.

Also note that because it has an AF-S motor you can override the focus point with one touch. If the camera is autofocusing and can't find the right point or didn't find one at all, or is even still focusing, just grab the focus ring and turn and it overrides the AF for the duration of you holding down the shutter.

Don't touch the contacts or the elements, don't dismantle the lens, and don't hit it with a hammer as all the above void the warranty.
Thanks guys for the info.

Ya, I kind of figured the little info sheet might not provide to much information. I still like to take a look at them though and maybe pick up something I didn't know.

Anything can be fixed with a hammer :lmao:. I take apart and put back together "high tech" equipment on an almost daily basis but my camera's lenses are something better left to the pros.

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