Nikon 200mm f/2 VR lens for sale


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Jul 23, 2009
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I've decided that since I use this lens less and less since having moved from DX to FX, that I would offer it for sale. Due to the relatively high price of this lens and the proliferation of scammers on Craigslist, I decided an eBay auction with no reserve but a fair minimum bid of $2,500 would be reasonable, with a Buy It Now Price of $3595. Current bidding between two bidders is $2,895.

My auction is at Nikon Nikkor 200mm F/2.0 ED VR AF-S IF G SWM Lens and has about 1 Day and 22 hours left, so it ends on Friday evening, west-coast time. USA buyers only, free shipping. Lens is in GREAT shape, as the photos show. Glass is in super condition. Zero scratches or dings on the is perfect! Barrel is excellent too. Case is in superb shape. A body can be mounted on the lens and the case's top still securely closed, which is really handy with something like a D800 or D750.

This is one of the finest lens designs ever made. This lens imprints a "look" on every image it makes. With a TC14e 1,4x, it becomes a pretty darned good 280mm f/2 AF-S lens with all the features of the lens used as a primary lens.


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Will that fit in my pocket?
There needs to be a "I wish I had more money" icon next to the thumbs up icon.
I'll mow your grass for the next 2 years? Haha

Awesome lens! Wish I had the cash laying around.
That's a bute!

Looked at some pics from this lens, pretty flippin incredible. Definitely has a unique look to it.
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Hey! Thanks for the comments, everybody. Yeah, this lens does create a pretty flippin incredible "look" to it. It's also one of the lenses that works best with a tele-converter added to it. For fast action in poor light, like night-time soccer, night football on sucky high school fields, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, it's pretty sweet, and I personally think it is the best track and field prime lens I've ever shot: super-fast focusing, due to the f/2 aperture and the engineering that went into this thing. It's also an amazing portraiture lens.

The difference between this and a 70-200/2.8 is that this lens is far better than a 70-200/2.8 is at f/4....while it's been closed down 1/3 stop to f/2.2.

At f/2 this lens is extremely good. At f/2.5 is is extraordinarily sharp. At f/2.8 it is simply unbelievably sharp and crisp. it's hard to believce how good a lens can be at f/2.5 to f/2.8 until you start moving into this type of exotic lens design.
You might be sorry you let that one go. Would it be worth a small investment in a modern dx to get its usefulness back for you again?
Sweet glass, wish I had the cash.
jaomul said:
You might be sorry you let that one go. Would it be worth a small investment in a modern dx to get its usefulness back for you again?

I probably will miss its capability and its distinctive image characteristic. I shot it mostly for sports assignments with the D2x in the 2005 and 2006 years, and it is a SUPER lens on that camera, which offered APS-C images at 5 frames per second, and then a 2.0x which was called High-speed Crop mode, at 8.2 frames per second. This lens delivers incredible MTF figures, and it is fabulous on even a smaller-than-APS-C sensor.
Damn, this is amazing, wish I wasnt poor, its one of my very few dream lenses, good luck on the sale Derrel :)
Is this an FX lens?

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