Expired color negative film


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May 23, 2010
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The hills
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Picked up a bunch of this stuff last year. Not using it nearly as fast as I thought I would and need freezer room. It's Agfa HDC 100 ISO/ASA in 27exp rolls. 10 rolls to a block expiration date 1999/2000. Bought from another photog whose freezer took a crap on him so it's been in cold storage virtually all it's life. $20 per block of 10 plus shipping from 26719. Shipping runs from $6-10 depending on your location. Don't do Paypal so USPS money order is the preferred payment. PM or post here.

EDIT:I made a mistake. There are no 27 exposure rolls left. What I have left are 10 roll blocks of 15 and 10 exposure rolls. Sorry should have paid more attention.
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OK let's do this. $20 shipped for the 10 block of 15 exposure rolls.

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