Nikon 80-200 AF ED W/ Kirkland Tripod mount $400


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Mar 4, 2012
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I listed this awhile ago and it never sold. I since then sold a lot of my gear leaving this unsold in the off chance I might actually suck it up and buy a D600. I don't plan on being gone for good but other priorities and hobbies ( I juggle a lot of them) are in play and I will at somepoint come back to photography.

However when I do I have my plan already laid out and I will pass this lens on to someone else. While this is not the best or the greatest variation of the lens in terms of its cumbersome handling it is an amazing looking lens; very sharp and still one of the best. For someone who does not have 800+ to spend on one of its bigger brothers, this is a great way to get the same quality photographs for a lot less money and I don't think anyone can argue that.

I am selling this for $350 given the Kirkland Tripod mount (~$160 and nearly impossible to find) I think this is a great deal as used alone this lens seems to go for $450-500 still today.

Nikon 80 200 F2 8 Ed AF w Kirkland Tripod Mount | eBay
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Changed price to $350 firm, this is a steal for this setup.

I need the cash and this lens has not been doing any good just sitting around.
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i cannot tell you how ******* tempted i am to buy this.
not a huge fan of push/pull lenses...but for the money, its an amazing deal. how loosey goosey has the push/pull gotten?
im not familiar with that style of tripod bracket. does a quick release plate thread onto it? what camera did you use it on, just out of curiosity?
It's actually still pretty firm, it slides in and out smoothly and really the only time ive had a problem with it creeping is of I had it around my neck pointing down with the strap.

This lens was not originally intended for a tripod IIRC it was meant for sports photographers etc holding it so alas that ridiciulous looking tripod mount was made. Depending on the quick released on the tripod itself this mount will slide right in without a speperate quick release plate being attached, however some will require you to use the quick release plate threaded into the bottom. It has threaded holes to attach if needed as well as being designed for use with quick release tripod heads

EDIT: you can see in the one picture what im refering to with the tripod mount. It has the slits for use without a quick release plate but if yours does not work with it you can see the threaded holes to attach your own.

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