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Aug 9, 2010
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Hope this is right forum.

I have Nikon D90 and an F3. I also have a friend that might be selling his AF Tamron lenses that he used on an N60. I believe these will work on both my cameras since my D90 has a motor built in, and of course the F3 would be MF only.

Now I'm also looking at some Nikon AI and AI-S glass. The F3 is fine, and I've read where the D90 would work in total manual mode. If true I assume I'd use the aperture ring on the lens rather than the rear dial on the D90.

Am I correct in the my thinking?


Ai and Ai-s lenses work fine on the D90. Yes you have to have camera in manual mode.
And adjust yer aperture on the lens. The other point it will not meter.

You have to guess-a-mate exposure. Takes me 2-3 practice shots to dial in exposure.
Also be aware not to use pre-Ai as they may damage the D90.
Some may mount fine but many will damage the D90.

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My Nikon 80-200 f4 ais lens. Cost me a whopping $105.

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