Nikon D200 AF Area Modes


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Dec 25, 2007
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I was wondering if someone could explain a little better than the manual does which AF Area Mode controls in the back of the camera are best for each kind of situation (sports, weddings, etc..). Thanks a ton.

You're going to have to figure that out for yourself and your shooting style. I use a combination of all of those settings depending on what I want to do. If you have used any other Nikons in the past, they are the same controls you have switched in the menu settings.

Personally, for sports, I use the auto focus buttons and the general area (I don't know what they call it in the manual but it's the one where there are 4 focal areas) because I don't have the time sometimes to set up on those shots. For weddings, portraits and pretty much everything else, I don't think you need an auto focus because your shutter release will focus when it's halfway pressed (just like normal) and I just use the single focal point area.

Have fun with it. It is a great camera.
I have never taken my camera out of Dynamic AF Mode except when shooting sports where I let the camera pick its own AF point or used Group Dynamic mode.

I have no idea what they are each designed for but I do have a rough idea of how the camera works in each mode. It's pretty easy to figure out yourself.
The manual explains it very well too. If thats not clear enough, the Fields Guide to Digital Photography for the D200 spends several pages on it... a worthy investment for any D200 bengiiner user!

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