Nikon: D2X? D200? or D300?


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Aug 29, 2008
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Bedminster, NJ
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Hi all,

I'm not a very techy person in the world of photography.. I own a Nikon D80, and I'm quite happy with the quality, although I know it's not one of the best, and more of a consumer rather than a pro camera, but for now, it'll have to do because of my budgetary restraints. I shoot mainly portraiture, but am getting into a few more events.

Now, my question is this: I am looking to buy a second camera body (I should've done this a long time ago, I know!), and am looking between the D2X, D200, and D300, used. As they seem to be more in my price range (the D300 is obviously more than the 200, but wondering if it is worth it).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

The D200 will be very similar to the D80 in terms of general sensor performance, but it does have more dedicated controls and stronger build materials.

The D300 is a D200 with a better sensor and updated Nikon tech.
and not to add more confusion to the mix, though I haven 't verified this myself, but if ISO performance is important to you, the D90 slightly edges out the D300 in that sense. . .

If you are considering the D300, wait for a little bit because with the introduction of its successor, it should lower the price point below the $1k mark.
I would say D300 or D90. I am waiting now for D300's replacement or the D700's

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