Nikon D4s repair and parts issue?


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Jun 26, 2022
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I sent my Nikon D4s off for repair via a well known camera shop to the repair company that they use.

Its a long story, which covers more than 2 months, but I was told that it could not be repaired as the part needed was no longer available- but they would not/could not tell me which part they could not get which I thought was strange. I should mention that apparently they attempted to repair it by fitting a new shutter, but this did not fix it and they put the old shutter back in. They just said that parts were an issue for the D4s. Does anyone know if D4s parts in general are no longer made/available?

The camera was previously still fully useable as it was only the flash which was out of sync. But when I went to collect it yesterday the camera had additional problems that it never had before and it is now unusable.

The shop has indicated that this is not their responsibility. I have left the camera with them and I am waiting to hear back.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


All I can recommend is what I think you should have done first - send the camera to Nikon. For the benefit of us Nikon owners, it would be appreciated if you would keep us informed of your progress. Good luck!!
It's over 30 years old. "Send the camera to Nikon." Poor advice since Nikon would flatly refuse to handle it. F4 parts vanished years ago from their inventories. I'd ask around at photrio for Nikon repair resources in your area.
I suspect your shop disclosed it wouldn't bear any responsibility for attempts at repair by them or a third party business--standard practice for gear that old in my experience.
The camera in question is a D4, not an F4.
The camera in question is a D4, not an F4.
My mistake. Ten years is right at the limit of what Nikon usually stocks for parts and service. With no indication of where you're located, there's no way to point you to a repair resource beyond the outsource shop.
Folks, a HUGE issue right now is supply chain. Maybe the D4 is going to be out of inventory anyway. But stuff that we'd have expected shops to carry 3 years ago is instead sporadic. Covid has played havoc with the supply chain, people have quit-retired-moved on, consumers are buying like crazy. There aren't enough trucks. American Airlines just announced they're canceling service to 3 American cities because they don't have enough pilots. My wife works with kitchen rehab and all of their cabinets are domestic (US wood, US factories, US companies). What used to take 6 weeks on an order is now sometimes 6 months. And often times they're told "we don't know when it will be available."

I do think it's worth it to reach out to Nikon directly. Because the D4 is a professional body, I think it's going to have a longer shelf like (in terms of parts and service) than any of the prosumer bodies (like the D7200).

And as a D4 owner that is due for an "oil change" I do hope you keep us informed on what you end up doing and how it goes.

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