Nikon D500 vs. Canon 7D MK II


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Jan 2, 2015
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The Nikon D7200, while still an excellent camera is not quite in the same class with Canon’s popular 7D II. Let’s have a look at some of the most important specs of these two cameras.
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I'm the furthest thing from a fanboy, I had Canon, now have Nikon with some Olympus in the background. I recently went out shooting 2 days with a friend who has a 7d2, I have a d7200. Taking a few goes from his Canon i came to the conclusion that it was better built and shoots faster.

I think the d500 will rectify those difference and add a bit of sugar on top. I don't think the spec numbers are as significant as they may appear. Certainly that huge buffer is nice and the dynamic range that the new Nikon will have is nice, but having 5 million focus points probably doesn't really benefit that much.

I reckon the 7d2 is better if you have Canon lenses, the Nikon is definitely better if you own Nikon ones
None of the three links in the OP show a relevant comparison of the Nikon D500 and Canon 7D2.

The real reason why D500 > 7D2 is the superior sensor performance.
The real reason why D500 > 7D2 is the superior sensor performance.

and the amazing buffer. It can shoot 200 RAW shots continously over 20 seconds vs. ~30 over 3.
and an AF module that actually works -- ignoring how much better it is in general.
and the better double the resoultion screen that also happens to articulate and has touch inputs.
and the built in wifi and bluetooth.
and the doubled battery life.
and the ability to record 4K.
and the better round viewfinder with curtain.
and the new QXD card slot for write speeds up to 400 mb/sec vs the ~120 of the CF.

the sensor performance means little in a grand sceme of why it's a better camera over the 7dm2. But yes, there's that too.
im puzzled by the links to the D500 vs 7DmkII when the OP's opening sentence clearly compares the D7200 to the 7DmkII.
i think he was saying the D7200 pales in comparsion and therefore not a good direct comparison, but now the new d500 seems to be on the same playing field.

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