Nikon D7000 very complete package very lightly used only about 3500 shutter clicks...


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Jul 13, 2013
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Vancouver, Wa
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I have used this camera for a little over a year, It is in amazing condition and has just about 3500 clicks on it which is pretty low. I am selling because I am ready to move up and that is the only reason. The d7000 takes amazing pictures ill add a few samples to look at. The camera comes with an unused nikon 18-55 kit lens this is actually a very sharp lens and can almost be used as a macro lens as well, a nikon 55-300 tele-zoom this lens is also very sharp even at 300mm I will include a sample of a 300mm shot, a nice canon backpack with room for the camera and 4 lenses plus one on the body, a tripod nothing fancy but it is pretty sturdy, a 16gb memory card, card reader, filters, nikon strap, a remote, extra battery, lens hood for 55-300, probably more but I cant think of anything else. Im asking 975 shipped cont. U.S.. Thank you for looking

55-300 @ 300mm

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price drop $1050 + shipping someone buy this thing its a great deal...
Would you be able to ship it FPO/APO and are you willing to sell without the 18-55mm, tripod, and remote? If so, what would your price be then? Thanks.
I am absolutely willing to work with you on this. I do not know how to ship apo/fpo so as long as you do and have all the info I need to get this to you we can do that. I would drop the price minus the 18-55, remote and tripod to 950 + shipping this is the best I can do since these items are not worth a lot of money. Let me know if this works for you. thank you
price now includes shipping anywhere in the cont. U.S. thank you
I'd try ebay, there will probably be a lot more interest there!
Ya but unless you have sold a ton of stuff on ebay they want to wait 21 days to give me my money...which sucks
Yeah I'm new to eBay too. It was more like a week and a half for my first transaction though
Not having much luck on the
havnt actually tried listing in seattle...but it is listed in portland

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