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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by KizaHood, Mar 28, 2005.

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    My friend purchased Nikon F-100 camera recently, but without any other Nikon stuff (except one 50mm f1.8 AF lens) so far.

    Then he checked user's manual, and red that using of non-Nikon flashes may damega the camera!

    Is it for real, or just a marketing (OK, you purchased Nikon camera, now you have to purchase Nikon flashes, etc)?

    Any practical advise?

    My personal opinion is that he may put any manual flash combined with manual aperture and shutter camera settings, but... that's damn expensive camera!

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    Well, I don't know about this one in particular, so better wait for someone else's reliable reply, but it sounds... "exagerated" for me.

    I've also got a Nikon AF body and am using a non Nikon flash with it. Obviously, everything is ok. Well, I must say that this is a dedicated Nikon flash, this meaning that it is built for Nikon bodies (along with some others: it is multi-dedicated).

    In general, this kind of things are written in the manuals to warn you that they are not responsible for anything non-Nikon put in the camera that might damage the body (especially lenses). But this does not mean that you just cannot go to other (cheaper) brands for lenses or any accesories. You do must take care and check the compatibility first, though. But once you do that, I'd say you can forget all about Nikon's "warnings".

    Hope this helps. However, you better wait for someone who knows the functions of this body well enough to know what and how might be damaged.
  3. Contra|Brett|

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    Dec 25, 2004
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    I do not beleive that you using a non nikon flash will damage the camera. Using a flash not for nikon may damage the camera obviously.

    I also agree with panocho, if a non nikon flash damages you're camera body, nikon usa will not honor the warrentee.
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    Its the same in most brands user manuals. The warrentys null and void if using other attachments. Nikon (canon, or any others) cant be held responsible with how another manufacturers product works with its. Other flashes will work fine. As will sigma or tamron lenses. Its the same principle.
    That said though, nikon makes very good flashes.
    Tell your freind to enjoy. The F100 is good gear.
  5. Rob

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    Jan 29, 2005
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    My best guess for the warning (assuming it isn't manufacturer's paranoia) is that some very old flashes may have a metal or conductive shoe panel which may short out some of the "intelligent" contacts on the body's flash shoe which controls the TTL metering and other facilities.

    The F100 works superbly with a relatively cheap flash such as the Nikon SB-22, so I don't see the advantage in using a 3rd party more powerful and perhaps less acurate flash for similar money.

    I used an F100 almost exclusively for a couple of years with the expensive Nikkor 28-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 VR IF ED lenses and an SB-22. The only thing wrong with it was my laziness as I left everything on Program!

    The F100 does not lend itself well to manual operation, so I p/ex'd this kit for an F3HP with prime lenses (28, 105 and 180) and the results were better due to my forced thinking, greater ease of control and the extra couple of stops of light.

    So, to summarise - I believe the F100 to be a great camera, and I would advise using it to it's potential by purchasing a low grade number Nikon flash such as the SB-22. If your friend already owns a 3rd party flash, p/ex may be an option to save cash.


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