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Feb 21, 2012
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I have just inherited a Nikkon n90s camera and a case full of lenses.... Looking to see what I have and wanting to sell them. My dad asked me to do this for him. He used to do Photography back in the 70s and that was how he made his living... Here is what I have and would appreciate any information...
Nikon n90s camera
Nikon SB-26 autofocus speedlight flash
AFZoom Nikkor 35-80mm lense
AFZoom Nikkor 75-300mm lense
This has all manuals and is in a nikkon case

Then I have a case of lenses......
Mamiya 150mm
mamiya 80mm... I have 2 of these
Mamiya 45mm lense with its own case
Mamiya film holder.. m645
Lense cleaner, odd pieces of lense and tools... A strap .. and 3 rolls of film

Thanks for any info!
All nice equipment, here's some info on it's value:

The n90s is a very good film camera, but not all that valuable these days--around $50 on ebay, perhaps more if it's in fantastic shape. In fact the flash you have is worth more then the camera, the sb-26 sells for around $100 on ebay. The 35-80mm lens is worth around $25-30, and the 75-300mm goes for around $150. Both of these lenses will work great on any nikon DSLR with a focus motor, the flash will also work but only in "M" and "A" modes, no TTL on digital bodies.

I'm assuming those Mamiya lenses are 645 medium format lenses. Interestingly you have the exact same set of lenses as I have for my mamiya 645. If they are "AF" lenses they are worth a lot of $$, but I'm guessing they're the older manual focus lenses which are worth $75 each for the 80 and 150mm, and $200 for the 45mm. The film holder might sell for around $40.

All and all that lot has a auction value of around $700
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