Nintendo DSLR -- I'm not kidding!

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    Well in the modern age its already being proved by many of the new companies pushing into the DSLR market that a DSLR dosn't need a mirror box setup - since some are now moving to a liveview and digital screen projection method and the new nintendo is no different. But what it does have (which is key) is the removable lenses to expand its options - but get this the Nintendo is always ready to go - for those times where you just want to travel light it has a perminantly built in a lens.

    Also it not only boosts this technology but also some new areas that many have yet to push in on including a touchscreen based interface - and not tobe outdone, even for its small size it can record audio clips as well!

    all the news and more here:
    Nyko - Products - Zoom Case


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