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Jul 27, 2004
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Brooklin, Ontario, Canuckia
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My New Orleans dark side from last year. To bad it was so damn sunny I needed shades. I was hoping for some fog but nothing but sun, sun, sun.








Seeing it is raining this morning I may try to venture into the dark side after I drop my wife off at work. I feel the pull into the darkness, but I can’t let her know, it will just be our secret.

Ah, another one seduced over to the darkside... That's a GREAT series, Airic. I like 'em all. Great compo, and it's interesting to see how different the cems there are as compared to here.
These are great. I am still waiting for my husband to finish his turn-around at work so that I can take a day to go over to New Orleans and shoot the cemetaries that I have been wanting to. Did you notice how every grave was in a cement tomb above ground? They have to do that here in Louisiana so that they cannot wash away during floods. My husband already has orders that when I die, he is to take me back to Texas! LOL
hey glad to see you over here airic.... great series... 1,3,4 and 6 are my favs... good use of tones and great compositions :thumbup:
OMG! Eric has crossover into the dark side. Man you have such a great eye! These are great and your compositions are outstanding on 1,4,5,6.
Very nice series... #2 and #3 gave me the shivers :)
Holy schmokes...rockin shots Airic. I would do anything...well see this in person. Nicely done man.!!!!!!!!!!!
thebeginning said:

this is my favorite the whole look and feel to it...makes me think of aerosmiths " kings and queens " song...killer shot airic... love this...the pearl look to him...

and chiller, it is your kinda town...but wait till they get it back up and running...then maybe me and nicole can meet ya down there, see what we can dig up....:mrgreen:
Great shots, Airic ... looks like in that second shot ... they're just dying to bust out!

Cool work dude!

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