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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by molested_cow, Dec 21, 2005.

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    Scanned till page 3 and still don't see a King Kong thread, so I thought I should start a discussion.

    I don't know how much will be discussed, so if you haven't watched it, don't read this. Go spend 3 hrs in the cinema. Whether it's worth the time will be subjective, which is also the reason why I am starting this thread.

    The reviews from people have been pretty polar. Many thought that the story was crap and the CG was excessive. Many thought it was a waste of their money.

    Well, here's my experience.
    I wanted to watch a movie because I just graduated and had nothing to do. I choose King Kong for no specific reason. For the CG? For the fact that it's King Kong? I didn't know anything about this movie. I didn't even know when was the day of the premiere. I just went and watched it with a friend.

    The theater was surprising empty being on the first Friday night of the showing. There were about 20+ people in the theater, so I thought it favoured us.

    Let's skip to the end of the show. I felt extremely uncomfortable during and after the show. It was more like a depression. On certain level this was like LOTR, a 3 hr tragedy movie, which started with the great depression and ended no where further. Perhaps because it reminded me of something that I am going through instead of setting me aside from the reality for a while, I was quiet for a while on the way back from the cinema.

    My friend who watched it with me asked me what I thought of it. I thought it was great. On different levels it satisfied the various expectations. The CG was spectacular. The acting by Watts was great( and that she was simply stunning looking). The movie successfully carried the taste of the 30s, and the cinematography was excellent. There wasn't much conservation needed in the movie. It can very well be a silent movie, especially between Kong and Anne. However, this is the great part. The emotion is displayed, without hinderance, purely by physical and facial motions. Furthermore, it was not hindered by technology as well. Kong's feeling and thoughts were read by the audience. It was as if he spoke.

    On the other hand, I would agree that the "romance" between Anne and that writer was redundant. However it was somewhat necessary, because if not, there will be a lack of motivation for the crews to go rescue the girl, and that there was a need of balance between the writer and the girl and Kong. The relationship between Anne and Kong was more of a sympathy whereas the relationship between the writer and Anne was sorted as being the normal one.

    I just think that in the last scene, Anne should just collapse in the writer's arm weeping away instead of a lovers' hug. There should be more sadness than gladness, less romance than regret.

    Why did I feel depressed? I guess among all the other lessons and meanings that were portrayed in the movie, one thing caught my attention. What Kong wanted was simple, not in terms of difficulty, but complexicity. However given the circumstances it was impossible. Kong was the only left in his species. A human girl cannot stay by him forever. The human world doesn't welcome him. Kong was destined to be alone forever. Well, setting the topic aside, I find this very revelent to what people go through on the daily basis. I am sure many of us have wanted something, something that doesn't bother anyone to have but because of reasons that cannot be ratified, it simply is not possible. It's a frustration that doesn't need to exist, but it does.

    I think King Kong will be a great movie to disect and write a paper on, but I am out of that lifestyle, at least for a while. The movie deserves more attention and respect than it is now.

    Any thoughts?


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