noob i am..nice little plant(pics)


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Mar 11, 2009
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Heres a few pictures i did with my new D90 i just bought. This was without my tripod and with a little gust of 10mph around the neighborhood. A few shots i took in the backyard. I know they're are not the greatest but just wanted to see what you guys think... Yes, yes i'm sure you guys are all better than me.. Please don't flame.. lol.


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Well, hiya Kevin, and welcome to ThePhotoForum! :D

Congratulations to your new "toy" and the new pasttime you are about to discover for yourself.

So you're out testing the first effects of wide open lens and shallow depth of field (DOF), and this is nice play with the new camera. I take these as nothing but test photos as yet, photographing the next best thing there was. It is a GREEN (!) thing, which endears your photos to me somewhat.

All in all, though, the chosen subject is ... not much.
They all three say "test-test-test" to me. You're teaching yourself to focus and all... which is good.

All in all, I'm sure there are heaps of other, real subjects, where you live! Go out and look.

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