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    I've got a Fujifilm s8000. Yes, it doesn't have interchangeble lenses, and it's not fancy like a Nikon, but hey, it's all I could afford. I would've loved to get a Nikon, especially because it was on special so I would've gotten two lenses with it, but it cost R15 000 (about $2142). The Fujifilm cost R4000 (about $571).

    I did research for months and decided to get the s8000 because it has 18x zoom. Well, I made a mistake. I like the fact that it has great zoom, and that it has macro, and super-macro functions. But that's where it stops. The multi-shot is extremely slow, about every 3rd picture is blurry, and it's too fancy.

    Does anyone have one or something similar? I know most of you probably have Nikon's and Canon's, but who knows? Can anyone give me a very quick explenation of exposure etc? I know there are tutorials, but I'd like to know the very basics for now. Also, can I change the multi-shot speed? I have the normal speed setting on fast, but that doesn't help. :(


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