NOTICE - update to TC and warning regarding abusive behaviour.

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    After a recent event I would like to take a moment to draw to users attention an amendment to the Terms and Conditions of the forums in relation to Private Messages, as follows Guidelines and Rules | ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum (reached at the bottom of every page)

    This is nothing new, but is a formal addition to the site rules to reflect behaviour and how moderation regarding private messages is carried out.

    I would also like to take a moment to mention that we have had reports of abusive behaviour being conducted off-site (via email) toward members of the forums. Thus far we are only aware of an isolated case, however if you have had any abusive messages toward yourself or relating to other members of the forums then please do take a moment to inform staff (mods/admin). If there are people conducting hateful and abusive campaigns against members of the site then we want to be aware to take measures to curb this behaviour as it is not right for users of the site to be abused either on site or off site.

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