nude prints

*plugs in printer, raises hand

I'm going to die laughing if they turn out to be nudes of a 60 year old bald man with a pot belly and hairy nipples.

Now try to sleep tonight with that image burned in your brain. :lol::lol::lol:
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Contact Blue Cube Imaging and ask them. They deal with high end printing.
I think most photo printers will have no problem with nudes, within certain boundaries.

If the pictures would be, or might be, illegal within the relevant jurisdictions (standards vary) then there might be a problem. Some printers might have personal problems, but most will not.

Just ask. If they won't respond, move on. If they say no, move on. There's lots and lots and lots of printers out there. You should be able to find one pretty fast. I have nudes printed out by someone local, for convenience, and because I trust her not to run off with copies. The stuff I am printing is pretty much "tasteful nudes" but some of them are full frontal. I have not tested my printer's limits, but I am pretty sure that she'd be up for anything.
Avoid places like Wal-mart or your local drug store photo lab...but I guess that most 'professional' labs wouldn't have a problem unless (as noted) it appears that there is something illegal going on.
Any pro lab should do them do problem.

I know I've printed some with Adorama in NY, and they ship prints too.

"Adorama prints" or some such.
I use ProDpi and all of my boudoir products have came from them, and have never had a problem.

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