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Jul 18, 2015
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Is there a way for me to disable the "latest photos" section from appearing on the home page in my settings?
I have nothing against nudes, and the ones showing today are tasteful, but sometimes I browse the site at work.
Hoping there's a way to disable that section in my personal settings.

Perhaps the posters could just make sure to put NSFW in the title?
Oh, I see what you're saying.. not active topics, rather the space on the sidebar. I didn't even notice that!
Yeah...those appear to me to be posted from somebody who "might be" a spammer/fraud...the images look like stolen images from various professional sites, and they are LOADED with tons of SEO tags to try to draw clicks...
Nudity should NOT be appearing in the gallery.
The only place we allow it is in the NSFW gallery which is only visible/accessible to those who have a paid subscription to the site.

If you do see nudity in the normal places or the gallery please report the content (bottom of a profile little triangle with an ! in the middle).

We generally allow up to around what you'd see on a typical beach in terms of body cover in the normal sections; although we require users posting risky/skimpy stuff to have NSFW in the title of the thread
The nude photos should be gone now - can anyone please confirm (as a mod I can still see them)
Yep the nudes are gone from my view. Thanks.
1. Not gone from my view.
2. The poster has also posted in other threads (non-nudes) here in the TPF so I don't think he's a spammer.
The nudes are gone. There are a few boudoir-ish but not nude. (Maybe a technicality)

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