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Nov 8, 2009
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Somewhere in Florida
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Thanks for looking.
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Very nice. Perfect exposure.
Thaaaaaaaaaat's interesting.
Thanks guys! I was going for "orwellian".
I like how the reflections of the clouds in the building make it look semitransparent.

Very nice. Perfect exposure.

I had been shooting street scenes in mixed shadow. Turned the corner and saw this.

ISO 400 | f/2.8 | 1/8000

I was lucky. ;) I should have been using auto iso but, to be honest, every camera I have (D90, D700, and D7100) seems to implement it differently - and with varying results - so I tend not to trust it, particularly with new bodies and high pixel density. I don't want shots pushed to ISO 1600 when they don't need it. In this case it would have helped regardless by dropping down to 100 or 200.

Thanks again!
Very cool! I like everything about this one, great shot :)
Ha, thanks! Since I started using my bunnies for my avatar I try to match my current state of mind, this one fits perfectly ;)
Nice shot. Interesting angle and the processing is well done.
Very interesting. Nicely done.
Very nice. The slight bend in building at the left and right is mildly annoying. Maybe a little barrel correction is in order.

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