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Oct 1, 2011
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I'm lost. I have a Sunpak PZ42X Flash and I'm wondering what I need for doing off camera flash work, specifically of skateboarders. I'm super lost here, so all help is greatly appreciated. I was already look at this stand? Am I on the right track? What do I need in terms of a wireless flash trigger/receiver? Canon 60d for reference.
I have one of those flashes as well. Not as my main flash, but I've used it a few times.

Personally, I'd suggest Cactus Triggers. I have Cactus V4's, but the new Cactus V5's will also work for your needs. The V5's are also transceivers so they can be used with the flash or on the camera interchangeably.
Will it be fast enough to capture skateboarding?
I reckon so. If you're only exposing for the flash. If you're looking for the capabilities to go past the 1/200 or 1/250s sync speed limit on your 60D (not sure which it is) you'll need to shell out some serious dough.

I have some TTL/HSS triggers. They're the Pixel King Wireless Triggers. They work really well but are considerably more expensive than Cactus or other Manual flash triggers.
Alright thanks. That's just what I needed.
yeah, just get the Cactus V4. The only problem that i had with those, SOMETIMES, they dont fire, due the lack of connection between the triggers. For example, i had that problem once or twice in each session. keep in mind, that you must adjust the power manually, since V4 dont support ETTL mode.

your shutter must not be over 1\250 while using those triggers. Because if you go over that, you will see a Black slide in your pictures. So if it was too bright, try to lower the flash power and play with the aperture. Since its your 1st time, try not to spend lots of money on triggers, just play around with what you have, or start with some cheap triggers in order to understand how it works.

You can buy those triggers from here. If you are from Canada,
Mcbain camera they offer it too.

Cheers mate,

I got the Cactus V5 a few weeks ago, so far they seem pretty reliable

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