Oh when to Buy a 5d Mark II?


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Mar 31, 2009
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So i have practically made up my mind that this is my dream camera(Canon eos 5d Mark II), and the one i would like to use for my first professional camera ( currently have an entry level Rebel Xt). However, the price is pretty scary.. But i can live with it, lol, but just curious since i know that canon is coming out with a couple new camera's pretty soon, if anybody knows if there is possibly a price drop coming of any sort before i invest my life time savings!!! :GAH:

That's a tough one to call. The prices almost always drop...but who know when? I'd expect the price to be lower for the X-mas season...but that's a long way off.
No way to tell but if you dont need it right this second than wait a few months at least. For instance my D90 would have cost me 1299 if i didnt get it through my friend the nikon dealer, luckily i paid 1069 but even now a consumer can grab it, in store, just three months later, for 999.

so yeah, it happens. happened with my d40 as well, mere months make a huge difference especially at this point of the product cycle.

all CDN prices. :)
The 5D product cycles seem quite lengthy, so it's going to drop much more slowly than the rebels, for example.
It's hard to say. Some models, like the 40D and 50D drop pretty steadily. Others, not so much. I would guess, at most, we're talking a couple hundred bucks if you wait a while. To me I would rather just have it... but then I'm impatient. :D
The price will drop when the 5D MarkII is replaced with the 5D markIII. Even now, the 5D is holding its price pretty well in the used market.

If you are investing your life savings (I hope you are joking) into a camera, then you should consider cheaper alternatives such as a good conditioned 5D. The 5D is still considered a very competent professional level full frame camera.
Lisa - your profile lists no equipment so I can't tell what you do and don't have as yet - but remember that before the camera upgrade pro grade glass, tripods, lighting setups, backgrounds and other such gear to help you get the shot should always be above the camera body -- the body just records what you give it - give it kit lens grade light and that is the sort of shot you will get - give it a nice L lens and good lighting and even the rebel cameras can give fantastic results.

And as for the 5DM2 I think canon will want to leave its market position alone for a while - it was camera aimed very much at the journalist pro market so I suspect it will remain stable for a while. Though the new 500D was a surprise in being released so soon after the 450D - I expect we will next see a 60D camera and also a new flagship camera model. A new 5D I think its too soon for at least a year - but the only ones that know are canon and they ain't telling
If you are not totally proficient with your XT you could be very dissapointed with the results you get with the 5D after spending so much extra
I would say hold out one month. That gives you time to shoot w/ the XT, and reach the limits, then go with the 5D, also allowing some time to save.
I think glass is the million dollar (almost literally) question. If you're using the 18-55m kit lens on your Rebel, you're looking at a huge investment juts for lenses that would make the most out of a 5D mkII, not to mention the price of the body. If you're already shooting with L zooms and full-frame primes, the 5D could make a big difference in the quality of your results just for the price of the body.

So, as others have asked, what are you using lens wise?

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