Oily diaphragm?


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May 17, 2011
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What does oil on the diaphragm indicate? I have a nice 200/3.5 Tak which I was thinking of selling until I discovered the iris had oil. Is this something I need to worry about now that I am using the lens? Will it cease up at any moment? What does oil on the diaphragm indicate?
With old lenses/cameras this can happen when grease from another part breaks down and leaks into that area. Oily aperture blades are not favoured for buyers ... as they may possibly cause the blades to stick, then get stuck ... then require servicing.
It is difficult to say if/when the blades will get stuck.
OK cool. I was just wondering what the deal was. Being that it's a $200 lens which I paid only $19 for, and that my shop charges $130 for cleaning, I'm not too worried about it.

Plus I use that lens at least weekly, which should keep things going a while longer than if it was sitting around.

Besides, I've cleaned a diaphragm before. So even if it does stick I could prob fix it.

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