OK, a notso easy macro whatsit.

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Jun 28, 2008
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Try your eyes & mind on this one.

hmmm...a wood shaving?

I'm always so far off track with these things, it's just not even funny. Well, yeah it is.

EDIT: Mishele types faster! At least if we're wrong, we're wrong together. ;)
I scream........ for..............
The end of a gun cleaning swab? Or a paintbrush?
Pesky double post deleted.
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I'd say you guys are cold....... very cold..........
My first thought was wood shavings also .... So let's try pencil shavings or broken grease pencil (although zero colour makes me go nahhh lol)
I'd say the color is either vanilla or French vanilla.
I agree with wood shaving. My first thought was one from a pencil.
I immediately thought it was a pencil shaving...
A well rolled joint.. Lol jk.. Does look like a pencil shaving

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