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ok.. now what


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Sep 17, 2010
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Lately in the past week or two i have gotten an inspiration to shoot some random pictures, of random things. I know a few of the basics, but not much. Im at a point now where i know i like photography and i love b&w,something about the simplistic beauty. i don't know how to better my skills. thats where you guys come in. any help is much needed. I would really like to know how to do color splash, im using adobe photoshop elements as of now. Pictures by stroker_43 - Photobucket
thats the link to my photobucket account, i dont know how to post pictures on here yet
thanks, nobody commenting?
stroker, I feel that you do b&w only to hide the flaws on your photography. I do that a lot too and I try my best to keep it minimal (if it is like an event and it is a very good shot but technically not a very good photograph). I think if you make the 1st and 2nd colored, the sky is white and blown. Only the last one is probably good.
thanks, nobody commenting?

Here's a couple tips.

1. The images were finally embedded fairly late last night. Not a lot of people awake to see these.

2. Images that are either really bad or really good tend to get a lot of comments. Images that are somewhere in the middle tend to get very few, or no critiques at all.

3. There's very little background about the images themselves. Were you going for an old timey kind of look? What were your camera settings? Give us some background. If you want people to take time to give you comments, take the time and give us as much information as possible.

As for your images, they don't really do anything for me personally. I'm not sure what you were going for, as you didn't really mention that at all. There's some technical things I can see in all of them, but I'm not sure if you intended it or if it was accidental. A little more information might help people out.
... shoot some random pictures, of random things.
Big mistake, IMO.

You need to have a plan, before you venture out.

You need to think about main, secondary and tiertiary subjects, though simplicity is a basic tenent of composition, time of day, the angle of the light, the camera perspective, the composition in the frame using the principles of visual composition and communication.

For B&W images you need to think about tonality and contrasts, even thought the scenen is in color.

B&W images are made from color images using image editing software in post process.
i couldnt agree more with KmH

never go out shooting random things unless you have a digital elph or some other kind of point and shoot.. and even then i would suggest thinking 1st about what you wanna shoot :)

having a game plan makes all the difference (amongst other things of course.. but it starts here)

if you take a photo of something random.. then 9 times out of 10 people looking at your photo are going look at your photo and think.. exactly that

even if you have a planned location in mind and a planned time of day sets you apart from a amateur hobbyist who likes snapping photos..

think about your subject.. think about the location.. think about what you want the mood of the photo to be.. what you want people to think about or feel when they look at the picture.. then think about lighting.. then take your camera out of your bag =)
sorry for the loss of information. I was trying to go for the rustic look, i dont now how well it turned out but it was an attempt. as far as camera settings go, there arnt many to change. im using a sony cyber shot, point and shoot. the images were taken in eastern ky, around Richmond. i will try and upload the origionals later.
"You need to think about main, secondary and tiertiary subjects"- just a little over my head there, could you explain?
These photos were not completely random, i did consider what angles and what time of day i would like to take them at but i didnt go into shutter speed, exposure, or the highlighted things above.
stroker.. it sounds like you really love photography. Time to get a DSLR!
What if you don't know what you want to shoot? Often times I just pick a general area (a park, neighborhood, up the mountain, by the river/canal...) and bike there, lock my bike up and wander. Of course I look for things that are visually appealing, and try to find an angle that brings out a particular aspect or emotion. I find that, it is much harder to take an original shot if you have a specific plan all the time to shoot one thing in particular. I guess I'm wondering how you guys know where to go for your pictures?
Why a DSLR? I don't really see the point of spending $800 on a camera when i dont even have the basics down yet. my skills need alot of improvement before i go to that. the only advantage i see from that is manual focus and a higher resolution.
Speeking of manual forcus/zoom. is there any way to get certian effects on a point and shoot camera, like you can on a manual zoom? I dont know what it is called but i have seen people slow the shutter speed way down, and go from one end of the zoom to the other. it makes the light streak and gives a motion to the shot.
stroker - don't worry about a plan - that's something that comes after you figure out what interests you, and even then you will find yourself taking other kinds of photos. #3 has something going on, but needs work probably both in conversion to bw and in contrast adjustment. Try to go out and shoot in less contrasty light as much as you can and see how you like the results. I'm not saying this would improve #3 because it might not, but it's just a very different experience.

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