OK , shot this gal . But you ever " not "feel it ?


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Aug 18, 2010
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To precurse , she a friend , model and a pro Photog. She likes my work so we set up a test . She has ton of experience on both sides on lens , but always states that I make her feel comfortable in front of lens .

Now she liked these but to me ...Just ehhh , nothing special . Just didn't have it this day (ME) . Yes paid test , it's been reciprocated .

Just wondering , I'm sure you're all as eh as I am . Oh well .


Keri by manny herreria, on Flickr


Keri by manny herreria, on Flickr

Keri by manny herreria, on Flickr

yes all sorts of movement here , but i like it ...


Keri by manny herreria, on Flickr

D810 in shop , shot w D700 . nothing sharp , which I SOMETIMES do care w women . Just didn't feel it here . BLAH .
Why is there nothing sharp (as you said yourself)? These should be sharp.Whether you "feel" it or not you should probably still get them technically good. This probably doesn't help as I answered your question with a question.
Sorry, but yeah, I am. To be honest, this looks like a day you should have gone for beer instead. No worries; we all have them. I'd go for a do-over later on.
The old song lyric comes to mind: "Some days are diamonds, some days are rust." I'm not sure why, but yes, it's true--sometimes one just does not "feel it". It's difficult to define exactly why...photography sessions like this one are interpersonal relationships, as well as technical exercises, and artistic endeavors. I think at times, one or more of those components just doesn't develop fully enough, or soon enough, or at all. It might be lack of communication, lack of cooperation, lack of understanding, incorrect assumptions, or just a bad night's sleep the night before, worries, a head cold, whatever...not every single day is a diamond day. That's just impossible.
I was gonna turn down a paid gig recently because I wasn't "feeling it", but fortunately the couple couldn't make it that day so we're rescheduling. We all have those days, it's normal. We're human and we can't be 100% all the time.

When those days come, it's important that you have the fundamentals and the techniques down, so you can rely on them and get good pictures. Even if "inspiration" doesn't hit, having a firm grasp of fundamentals can pretty much save a shoot.
Manny, I would agree, not what you usually put out but I could see that she would be happy with them. (Not awed by them but happy). Honestly, I'm not digging #3, something about it is bothering me.

Sorry but I will say that it does help me knowing that others have days that they struggle too.
Image 4 is by far the standout of the bunch both compositionally and connection with the subject. The framing is good, eye contact and posture of the model works and the clean background compliments the model. I would have recognised this shot was working and shot a few more here. The others don't seem to have any clear direction or intention.
I took some photos of a beautiful young lady once and she complained "they look too much like me." Guess I should have dressed her like a Princess or something. However I have sneaking suspicion that your model can look a lot better if you catch her just right. She looks fine now but I think there's a SortaSuperModel in her features. Maybe some fancy lighting?
The glitch that most bothers me apart from the soft focus is what looks like a liquid drop under chin in the second photo.
The glitch that most bothers me apart from the soft focus is what looks like a liquid drop under chin in the second photo.
Earing. :(

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