OK, so ....... this ass was walking down the street ..............


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Feb 7, 2009
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S. Idaho
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Took a Mini-vacation and went south to shoot some of the Red Rock Canyon just out of Vegas. There are signs all over that it's a $500 fine to "Feed the wild horses and Burros". I was a little disapointed when I left the park and no burros to be seen and I turned out to the middle of the desert and found this little town of "Blue Diamond, Nevada" - population of under 300.. Apparently, the Burros found themselves a home, as they seem to roam all over the town, mowing the front lawns of the residents. The Burro poop is just scooped to the side of the road, and they'll come up to you for a rub and a pet on the nose.. These are totally wild animals, and when I stopped to take the first picture, he started to walk towards me before wandering uptown again.. guess I wasn't a car he'd seen before. You couldn't just walk up to one in the middle of the desert, but in town, they feel totally at home and safe....


Didnt' want much to do with me....


This guy just called him over and petted him on the nose....


and then he went for something they had staked out.... I think it was possibly an old saltlick..


This guy walked past the Burro and by my car window and said...... "He looks like a Democrat to me.." :lmao:


Anyway - these are beautiful, peaceful, little animals... Just how lucky are these residents ???

What an ass....
randomness wow, i have been to blue diamond nv....i went mountain biking (mb 18 miles) but i started at mcGhies bike outpost in blue diamond and rented some bikes and rode the desert in a huge circle....i too saw the burros in the town lol...weird you mention it man, blue diamond is tiny town lol but nice!

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