Okanagan Lake


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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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Not sure if i like these or not...
they're alright i guess hehe. what do ya think?!


Excellent! I love the first one, although there is some tone clipping in the sky area.
The 2nd one is also good but I think the bland sky takes up too much of the image.
thank you! better review than i would have thought ;)
the first one i changed to IR which is why the sky appears that way
not sure how to tweak it?
second one... i agree with the sky!!! but didn't wanna chop off the cute lil tree
and i wish there was something in the background for the eye to settle on...
but it was too gorgeous a day to pass up a shot hehe
thanks again
I like both of them. First one more though.
but you still havent cleaned your sensor/lens. still those dust spots. at least remove them with post woojiebear. Great reflection on the second one..
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These are great. What f stop are you shooting at? Those spots don't look like a lens issue, but more of a dirty sensor. It happens to everyone and sucks.
I like the second best! I think I know what days these were taken on I was up in Kelowna over easter the water was sooo calm the one day but I couldn't get out I was sad :(
haha thank you
stupid dust spots!!
honestly i think i just need to clean my computer screen
it's so dirty i can't tell if the dirt is on the picture or not when i'm editing lol
the first shot is at f/6.3 and the second is a f/13
thanks for the feedback!
looks great! except the dust spots as you mentioned
My favorite is the second one, but also the first is not bad.

Well done

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