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Jul 31, 2020
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Just started using my old AI-S primes on my new D850, the info in the viewfinder shows the F-stop to be 3.3, my 50mm is F1.4. Is it me or am i missing a setting somewhere?

It does this on my 24/2.8 as well.
OK, time to be embarrassed.

Figured it out, have to set up the non cpu lens In the menu. It only lets me store 2 though but that will work, not that hard to change one when I use the other prime.
There's an alternative if you are willing to modify the lens. I install chips on my MF Nikon glass so I can use them on my F5 and digitals. These are my 25-50 f4 and 50-135 f3.5 Ais lenses. Allows use of all modes and EXIF for most.


Here's a link to a how to. I pick up the chips on ebay. Some lenses are easy others not so much.

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