Old Croatian jar


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Jul 21, 2003
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Praktica L

I like this; its simple, but somehow very effective. I really like the slight sepia tone. :D
i like the dark shadows in it, i think a lot of people are afraid to experiment with shadows :)
The photo is maded in the room, under normal room light, but the walls are white I don't like how the shadow came on jar, but it is all experimental. Thanx for compliments

and yes I recompose photo in sephia in PS, but put the b/w in cmyx and then play with selective colours
I have to say i like the effect, but two things bother me...

The lack of depth of field (or simply its out of focus)

and the angle the jar is on... (i think the film plane wasn't front on and perfectally horizontal).

Worth another try though (or some selective cropping/rotating)
I don't really like the subject matter that much, but I love the picture. Its so simple, the DOF is nice, the focus is good, i like the shadow, and angle of the jar
this was as I sa experimental under room light, without flash. I take longer exposure and focus on center of jar

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