Old flash on Nikon D40X

The flash work pretty good, but I want to know damage the camera ?
This question comes up fairly often. Do a search on the forum, somewhere in a thread there is a link to a list of "safe" and "unsafe" flashes.
Thanks! I take some photo with older flash and Nikon D40X one hour ago. Now I scare, I don't want to use the old flash again. What you think, my camera is damaged?

Hmmm... I don't notice any problem with camera..
then its not damaged... you'll know if it is
What is the symptom for damage, you has any idea? I take 10-15 photos with two older flash. Now I don't take more photos with older flashes...

umm... i would think the camera wouldnt work. from what i know, if you use the wrong flash , it could fry your circuitry so it would just mess the whole camera up
I found out when I spoke with the people at my local shop that some flashes can cause a voltage serge to the camera. You may need to get a voltage sync to protect your camera. I think they are 70ish canadian
Some older flashes use a sync voltage as high as 250 volts and will damage the circuit in the camera that "pops" the flash. It usaly will not damage the whole camera, but I guess there are exceptions. Most modern cameras are designed for a sync or "trigger" voltage os around 6 volts or less. I don't know about your flash, but if you purchased it new in the last 10 years or less, it's a fair bet it's OK. No, another issue, the flash most likely not work in TTL mode and will only auto-expose in simple Auto mode. That is it won't get it's auto-exposure info "Through The Lens", but from a sensor on the front of the flash. It works, but not a accurate as TTL.. Good Luck.
This came up with my camera i have a sony and was told only 2 of Minolta's flashes will work on my camera and don't try using the other ones they will blow your camera! well I have 3 non recommended flashes That sony says will not and cannot work on their camera! But all 3 do Just fine also and i've shot thousands of pics with them on my cam so far! I personally think it's a scam for you 2 spend more money!!! but that could only be true to Sony and not your camera! but i say if it works it won't hurt your cam at all.IMO
Thanks, I think my camera work like a charm. The built-in flash pops out. The camera take photos. ;)

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