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    All this stuff has been pack away and never saw the light of day since the early 90's Last I knew the camera needed some sort of seal. That being said I am considering the body to be non-working. It may be something simple I really do not know.
    The camera is scribed with " Mary K Knoble" (Grandma :) )
    All the Lenses come in hard cases and are in great condition very clean scratch free glass. All have UV filters installed and both caps (filters are dirty) the 70-150 does have some dings on the front end but like I said the glass looks great.

    Konica Auto Reflex TC with Hexanon AR 40/F1.8 Lens Instructions included :)
    Konica Haxanon AR 28mm F3.5
    Konica Zoom-Haxanon AR 70-100 F4
    Konica Haxanon 2x Teleconverter
    3 Extension tubes 12mm, 20mm, 36mm.
    Vivitar Wide Angle Collapsible hood 55mm
    Vivitar VMC 80B 55mm Filter (Blue)
    Very old school grip

    Honestly I have no idea the worth of all this.
    I think the lenses might be something someone wants.

    How about $100 for it all?

    Heck the hard cases are probably with a few bucks alone.

    If no one wants it all how about
    The camera body FREE (you pay shipping)
    40mm/1.8 $10
    20mm/3.5 $20
    70-150/f4 $40
    2x Teleconverter $25
    Grip Free (you pay shipping)
    Hood free you pay shipping)

    Shipping $10

    Here is a pic of everything. If you want close ups PM me[​IMG]


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