Olympus C2500 L - newbie here


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May 30, 2006
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I'm currently looking for a cheap camera to take with me on a trip to india, in order to take pictures that are a worthwile reproduction of the view i could get there (in particular, stunning colours, skies, silhouettes etc...), also to take pictures in low light conditions, bearing in mind i only have a super compact at the moment. I've been recommended the c2500L for this, and the reviews rate it, though obviously they're all 5yrs old.

The question is, can I get one for under (preferably considerably under) £100? seen one on ebay that went for £113, but i don't know where else to look for to buy one.

Also, can anyone confirm this is a good choice or recommend something different?

EDIT - someone mentioned just today that I might have trouble with it being only 2.5MP, what kind of size prints do you think you can get out of that?

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