One advantage of being my age


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Dec 11, 2006
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One advantage of being my age is that I have seen the transition from an analog to a digital world and the subsequent shrinkage of the globe.
My first hard drive was 5 megabytes and was the size of half a shoebox.
There were many totally incompatible operating systems and floppy discs were 5 1/2 inches, held about 360 K and cost >$2

I thought about this this afternoon when my granddaughter called me on Skype on her mobile phone from Paris where she is in college.
She is finishing some project about Google imaging of the Eiffel Tower and needed some images adjusted so they had a similar color balance and tonal range.
So she sent them to me on, I DLed them, edited them and returned them and the entire transfer took perhaps 25 minutes.
In her thank you note, she mentioned that she will be going to China for a semester to take a couple of business courses but will pass through the East coast to see us afterwards.

When I was in college in Massachusetts, a huge adventure was driving to NYC for a hot dog at Nathans and the foreign students from Europe and Asia might as well have been exotic beings from other planets.

I have been to 40 states and 44 foreign countries and still feel provincial in comparison.

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