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One for C&C

CW Jones

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Feb 26, 2009
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Took a hike up a local mountain this past Sunday. Just one of my favorite ones form the day. I like it... but would like to hear what you all think!

I was trying to get just the back of her in focus, and blur the horizon a bit to put more attention on her outline.

i like the idea that you were going for i think it would have worked better if you were to open the lens up more, if that was possible to blur the background out some more because i find that the background seems to draw my eye. Also i think i might have been better to get here face because faces are better to look at then the backs of peoples head.
lol ya thats the lens open all the way I believe... its no DSLR, just a Canon Powershot SX110IS. Takes some great pictures IMO.

I would have loved to have her turn around.... she really didn't want me to take her picture tho so it defiantly made it more of a challenge haha

It's a good idea but it would've looked better if you wouldn't have cut her in half. And I think the focus should be on the landscape instead of the person ;)

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