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Jul 10, 2009
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Brighton, UK
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:EDIT: please scroll down thread to see finished image!:EDIT:

Okay I posted yesterday and the image wasn't saying much, went back again today to get a completely different shot but ended up with this.
I'm quite happy with it, but C&C is welcome! Also I know the horizon isn't straight, will fix it.


and one with a more rof crop
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This is an interesting photo, what is/was the structure?
The one thing I'm not sure on is the colours on the post edit, this is the original (straight from cam, aside from resize and filter-sharpen). Thoughts?
Sam, great capture. I really like this one. My only critique might be to modify your crop, a little tighter than the first, but not as tight as the second. Good work!
Nice shot. I would shoot with the horizon not in the center. try a crop and see how you like it then.
Finished the edit, much happier with this one.
I will make sure not to crop it to much on the final one that goes up, but heres the edit with the same crop as the above

sam_justice Wow. I like the edited photo. What did you use to improve the colors?
sam_justice Wow. I like the edited photo. What did you use to improve the colors?

Just camera raw (the editor for photoshop or lightroom). The adjustment brushes in that photo are so powerful, better than curves for landscape pictures imo.

On my screen here there appears to be no halo around the pier, but on two other screens I've just looked at there appears to be some haloing. I don't think it's apparent enough to damage the image though.

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