One of my favorite macro shots


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Aug 21, 2010
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San Jose
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yet I don't feel others are too crazy about it as I. I think its just the way the bug was staring at me as I snapped away. What are your thoughts. I think it's funny how usually one of my favorite pieces is less liked and the ones I think are alright everybody loves. Well on Facebook and stuff when I post that is. Would love some feedback from fellow photographers!


I was on a trail trying to snap this awesome looking red bird but couldn't keep up. I looked at the trail I was walking on and saw a bunch of mini flies like these and flowers I composed at this flower and waited for a fly to land on it. Looked straight at me and just froze for like 10 seconds. was awesome.
I dont think its a bad shot at all. Little things to nit pick but nice..
Not a bad shot, it's not my favorite macro shot, because I don't consider it to be a macro shot. It's nowhere near 1:1 which is what I consider to be macro. I've shot those flies before and I can nearly fill the frame at 1.8:1 and at 1:1 they fill about 1/4 the frame. This looks closer to 2:1...maybe even a hair less.

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