One of my favorite shots from the mountains


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Apr 28, 2013
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McDonough, GA
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I recently moved to North Georgia and I actually live at the base of the mountain this was shot from (so going back to redo the shot is easy!).
I like how the shot turned out but it was difficult to get. I dont have in camera HDR nor do I really know how to bracket and do it in post so I played with the on camera flash. The flash made everything pretty harsh at first but I ended up using a white piece of paper as a diffuser and I like the end result.
The leaves at the top look a bit funny and the sky was still overexposed but lightroom brought it back a lot.

Id love to get some C&C on this shot.


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I really like this composition. Maybe a crop to get rid of the leaves altogether would work, but then again it might totally chage what you are trying to acheive with your composition.
I like it! My only nit would be that there is too much symmetry in the foreground for me. I would prefer it if the chairs were staggered to let my eyes relax. The colors and textures are wonderful! Personally I think it would not be as effective without the leaves.
I like the shot, wouldn't change a thing
beautiful shot and beautiful spot, really enjoy the composition!

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