One of my first ever pictures!

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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I know this picture is FAR from perfect but it was one of the FIRST pictures I took when I first got my newest camera. I'm always being told that children are a pain in the butt to work with but I think this picture shows that its not, not all the time - just wanted to share it with you guys :)

I love it. If I may say, it looks a bit over exposed. great job
You captured some nice expressions here. Bold and self-confident. Good.
The face of the middle girl is a bit blown, yes, but ... all in all I like how you captured the three of them!
i like it, its a tad bit over exposed. But its very hard to get people in general to cooperiate with you. Not just children. But i love the way they are standing
good pictures,
but their face skin is a lil bit burned , less exposure .
interesting .. this would maybe be worth a thread where people from this forum present their early work. I can go back about 16 years, anything before that is nor scanned and I do not own a scanner at the moment.
Something like that already exists in the Photo Themes, Alex. It only has to be found. (Only can't I find my earliest pics, they date back to 1973 and there is NOTHING there from that year in my own archives. And my sister keeps forgetting to look whether my earliest negatives are in HER archives, too :roll: )
Thanks for the comments, I know the pic is blown, it peeved me off because - as it was my FIRST picture, I was just messing about with it and the original picture was fantastic! I edited it in photoshop and just went too far - I had no skill at the time for the editing and no patience.

If you look closely, you can also see that the little girl at the front (those are my neices and my son, by the way) has a really fuzzy arm because I went too far.

I have NO idea what I did with the original of this picture, hence why I only have this to show. This was another one i did that day - again, messing with photoshop for the first time, screwed up the background a little, but it was all a learning curve at the time:
I think the watermark is slightly distracting. Neverless I believe its a nice photo. I think it was very creative and well

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