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Dec 14, 2007
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Margate, Kent, UK
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Recently got a camera, I took another picture almost identical to the one below in colour, cant decide which on I like more...

Thoughts...? :)

can you post it in color too then?
i just stumbled upon it myself.

i like the black and white much better. in the color version, the background is too distracting for me especially with the red wall. in the black and white version, my eyes are able to focus more on the angel. i dont like that you cut off the tips of his fingers but i do like the closer crop/shot.
oh right :) thanks. Yeah its all a learning curve for me at the moment. settings and various things like shutter speeds etc really confused me to begin with but I think I'm slowly getting there. As I said on the other thread. I was only messing about and happened across most of the pictures I've taken so far.

I hate the fact its so dark when I finish work so I never get to go out and take any landscape images. Its rather frustrating at times....
well my first question would be did you want your self in the shot? if not cropping it even tighter to take your self out might help. but i too like it much better in black and white then the color.
yeah i wanted myself in it, I thought it gave it ...well... something, not because it was me personally... I don't know what I mean. I just liked the fact I was out of focus. If i'd used a lower apature and moved the shot more to the left to get all of the angel in there it would have been better. As I said, more of an accident than a planned thing.

Maybe subcontiously I wanted to get a picture of my new present in there in some way...who knows :)
in that case i like it. gives me the sense that you are "looking through the camera" using the camera as your eye. Not sure that, that made any sense but its art who cares! haha. keep on shooting
i just took a picture and noticed i was in the picture as well lol V STUPID i know, but i just liked the angles, the way you could see the back of the subject, and the source of the image as well... but you're right, I like it, if i cant explain why then it doesnt matter lol

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