Online classes?

I don't interactive is it? Can you submit assignments and get feedback?

Seems like a lot of money to me. Personally, I would rather spend the same money on a few select books and dvds, and have some left over for a lens or something. There is a lot of free content available online.

Here is a post with several links to resources for beginners:
If your looking for basics on photography, exposure, iso and depth of field and how they all relate their is another online course very basic I saw it link to it the other day. It was like $100 bucks proudphotography or something. I heard that course was better than the New York Institute one. Having taken neither, I take my classes in the city closest to where I live I have no real experience with either program Just more food for thought.

I will say I am a member of kelbytraining too and I love their stuff but it was for more specific interests, architectural photography, lightroom/photoshop and lighting stuff.
I have been taking proud 's class and I am really liking it. YOu can keep going back to the lessons and you have someone C&C your photo in less than 2 days most of the time. Its 96.00 dollars. Not too bad. The funny thing is I won 100.00 on the newsletter so it was free. Check it out. They have a forum that is pretty good.
Thanks for all the information. I will check them all out, and see which way I need to go.
I have the books, and I tend to learn by doing, so I may just see if I can duplicate some of the stuff from the books and see where that leads me.

Our local Technical College has a online course also, I wish I could find a camera shop or something like it, in order to get some actual hands on learning.

Thanks again guys.

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