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    I am looking for a good website for sharing a vacation with a group of people. We all went on a trip to Lake Powell and would like to post all the pictures online. I have done this in the past with photobucket. However, when others view the thousands of pictures we have, they have to individually download each picture to their computer. That takes a lot of time! I am hoping to find an online sharing site that allows them to bulk download, or at least download more than one at a time. Does that make sense?

    Here are a few pics from the trip with my point and shoot. Thats all I had room for. not that I am good with my SLR. Just wanted something for you all to look at instead of text and a stupid question. =-)



    she had never swam before! and it looks like she is smoking a cigar


    thanks for any suggestions and i'd like to say lake powell and goblin valley utah are both amazing amazing places


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