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Noel R

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Apr 8, 2021
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Hi, I've heard about, but wanted to know if there are more used camera website that is reliable and worth it.
Fred Miranda forum.
Where are you located?
What are you looking for?
Hi, province of Alberta.
I bought a body from Henry's a number of years ago and was quite happy (even though the shipping/duty was high).
Hi, province of Alberta.

You could try The Camera Store in Calgary but I've no clue about their used inventory.

As a long-time prowler of Toronto camera stores, I know most(Vistek and Henry's)are not carrying large numbers of used bodies and lenses. Henry's has more but, again, I have no idea what you're after.
Hi, province of Alberta.

Legit and fast shipping to US, plus free. Not sure about CANADA.

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