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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Russell, Aug 24, 2007.

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    Aug 24, 2007
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    I just thought I'd mention, for those that don't know... there are several manufacturers offering online photography training units:
    TONS of different courses for a little under $200 bucks each
    Kodak offers a lot of mini-trainings on "family oriented" type things
    For $12, looks like quite an extensive beginner course - on CD - almost 300 pages!
    Canon provides a hell of a manual (FREE) for those shooting Canon - but some topics are applicable to all.
    Photoshop Training Videos online (FREE).
    Sandisk offers a few tutorials on asset management, camera maintenance, and shooting sports. Kindof an odd combination of topics, but FREE
    Has a nice little writeup on the Art of Seeing
    Lots of different training resources for FREE
    Has a few videos on Photoshop you can view for FREE to see if you might like their multimedia video style of training.
    Lots and lots of articles on a variety of topics - Shooting Kids to Getting Started as a Pro Photographer, Selective Focus, Filters, etc. FREE
    Offers books specific to your camera model. I have this book myself for my camera... takes some of the things that were hard to understand in the user guide and makes them easy to use.
    Three FREE sample lessons: lighting glass, strobes, and macro.
    One of my very favorite sites! Check out these tutorials! FREE
    A site I just found, but offers tons of things for the beginner... and maybe for advanced too... tons of information. I'll have to look more.

    Hope this is helpful to others,


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    Great...this is going to be a good one place reference for a newbe like me.

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