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Oct 16, 2012
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C'mon guys...heed the word of Jackie DeShannon
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Who's Chuck and Andy and why do they need the love?
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Okay, don't know why, but let the love flow.......

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Funny.. I have always liked Jackie DeShannon... seriously! Thank you for the thought, Runnah!
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They fight about their differences when they should be celebrating their similarities.

EDIT: Forget the Soft Cell version, we need to go straight to Marylin Manson with these two.

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Hey you two...Chuck and Andy, I mean Andy and Chuck...
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Charlie's been on a pretty steady campaign of harassment and bullying of me specifically for almost a year. I had the temerity to tell him that a landscape wasn't very good, I think, so he hates me. The moderators think that simply editing the more vile slanders out of his posts is enough, as far as I can tell. Which they have had to do quite a lot.

I've turned the other cheek more times than I can count, and the apparent result is that chuck thinks it's ok. It was an interesting experiment, but now it's over. Since the prevailing culture of TPF is one of constant bickering and battle, I don't really see how anyone can have any problem with me getting a bit shouty too.
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